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Practice Areas

Our Practice Areas

Starting a business in Bulgaria by registering a company is fast and cheap. Bulgaria is developing as one of the best outsourcing destinations in EU, providing low overhead of the companies with affordable office space, utilities, travel expenses, equipment, accounting, etc. Our law firm provides wide variety of legal services for your business in Bulgaria, such as:

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About Us

Our team of attorneys has over 15 years of extensive experience in working with Bulgarian clients as well as with foreign and European clients. We are available to help you with your questions in Bulgarian, English, French and Russian language. We work closely with registered auditors, accountants, notaries, human resources specialists, real estate agents, sworn translators and many others.

Case Results

The rate is constructed on average gross income: 100.000

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12 x 428€ = - 5.136€

Your social security costs

The social security tax rate is one of the lowest in Bulgaria. Income after deduction of social security: 94.864€

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10%: -7.115€


Lump sum for professional costs(-25%)
Taxation rate 10%: -7.115€ (after deduction of all the costs)

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Your net income

Calculation of your Net income: 100.000 EUR - 5.136 EUR (social security) - 7.115 EUR (personal taxes)
Lump sum for professional costs (-25%): - 23.716 EUR

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